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Barron K. Henley, Esq. 

Partner, Affinity Consulting Group 

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a new firm from scratch or breaking away from an existing firm. The following checklist is a helpful tool for making sure nothing falls through the cracks when you're putting together budgets and considering everything you'll need from a tech perspective. To be clear, this is a list of issues and items, not a list of recommendations. If you'd like further input on any of the checklist items, feel free to contact Barron Henley (bhenley@affinityconsulting.com). 


 Backup system (including media such as external hard drives and backup software) 

 Chargers (for smartphones & tablets) 

 Computer (laptop vs desktop & Windows vs Mac) 

 Copier (often unnecessary if you have a scanner and printer or multifunction) 

 Monitor(s) 

 Multifunction device (print/scan/fax/copy) 

 Network cables in the walls of your office 

 Network patch cables (connect computer to wall jack or directly to router) 

 Office phone system (VoIP) 

 Printer (if you don't get a multifunction) 

 Printer cables 

 Scanners (if you don't get a multifunction) 

 Smartphone or standard cell 

 Surge suppressors and uninterruptible power supplies for all hardware 

 Switch/hardware firewall 

 Tablet (iPad or Android) 

 Toner or ink (for cost reasons, you should generally avoid ink printers) 


 Accounting and billing software 

 Adobe Acrobat or other PDF creation/manipulation software 

 Case management software 

 Document management software 

 Document automation software such as www.hotdocs.com 

 Internet browser 

 Microsoft Office (or equivalent) 

 Practice-area specific software such as EPIC SCAO forms for Probate Court Using HotDocs from ICLE 

 Search software (for electronic files) 

 Security software (antispam, antispyware, antivirus, firewall) 

 Speech recognition software 

 Trial presentation software


 Backup service - internet-based 

 Credit card processing service such as www.lawpay.com 

 Fax service - internet-based fax service such as www.ringcentral.com 

 Internet service provider 

 Letterhead - have it designed as a word processor template

 Microsoft Exchange - hosted or in-house for Outlook sync with smartphone, sharing information in Outlook and backing up data in Outlook 

 Phone answering service such as www.CallRuby.com 

 Remote access service such as www.logmein.com 

 Reserve a domain name for email and website 

 Transcription service such as www.lawdocsxpress.com 

 Web meeting service 


 Copy paper 

 High speed internet 

 Insurance - health/property/malpractice 

 Office supplies 

 Training for Whatever You Buy 

Barron K. Henley, Esq., 

Partner Affinity Consulting Group 

1550 Old Henderson Rd., Suite S150 

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