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About the task force:

The task force will examine risks posed by criminals, terrorists and nations that hope to steal personal and financial information, disrupt critical infrastructure, and wage a new kind of warfare on a battlefield of ones and zeros.

Mission Statement:

The ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force will identify and compile resources within the ABA that pertain to cybersecurity, and will focus and coordinate the ABA’s legal and policy analyses and assessments of proposals relating to cybersecurity.

Composed of ABA members with expertise in cybersecurity as well as government, technical and private sector representation, the Task Force will:

(1)   Facilitate collaboration and information exchange among constituent ABA entities and with relevant public agencies andprivate organizations;

(2)   Serve as a clearinghouse among ABA entities regarding cybersecurity activities, policy proposals, advocacy, publications and resources;

(3)   Study and analyze executive and legislative branch cybersecurity proposals;

(4)   Identify cyber-related issues for appropriate action by the ABA, including filling gaps in policy, encouraging ABA entities to develop new policy as appropriate, and sharing best practices with members and their law firms; and

(5)   Advise and assist the ABA Governmental Affairs Office on cybersecurity advocacy and responses to government actions.