To add headers and footers, with an open document:


1.  Choose Tools > Pages > Header & Footer > Add Header & Footer.

2.  As needed, specify the Font and Margin values.

·  The text properties apply to all header and footer entries that are part of this setting definition. You cannot apply different settings to individual header or footer text boxes within the same session in the Add Header And Footer dialog box.

·  To prevent overlapping, click the Appearance Options button and select Shrink Document To Avoid Overwriting The Document’s Text And Graphics. To prevent resizing or repositioning when printing the PDF in large format, select Keep Position And Size Of Header/Footer Text Constant When Printing On Different Page Sizes.

3.  Type the text in any of the header and footer text boxes. To insert page numbers or the current date, click in a box and then click the corresponding buttons. To select formatting for automatic entries, click Page Number And Date Format. 

·  You can combine text with dates and page numbers. You can also add several lines of text to an entry.

4.  To specify the pages on which the header and footer appear, click Page Range Options. Then specify a page range and choose a Subset option, as needed.

5.  Examine the results in the Preview area, using the Preview Page option to see different pages of the PDF.

6.  (Optional) To save these header and footer settings for future use, click Save Settings at the top of the dialog box.

7.  (Optional) To apply the same settings to additional PDFs, click Apply To Multiple. Click Add Files, choose Add Files or Add Open Files, and select the files. Then in the Output Options dialog box, specify your folder and filename preferences, and click OK.