Fastcase has enhanced  Authority Check to show you where courts have noted that a case has been treated negatively (i.e., reversed or overruled on any grounds). 

"Bad Law Bot ," uses algorithms to find negative citation history . It then flags cases that have negative citation history and provides you with the links to those cases. Bad Law Bot is not intended to be a complete replacement for a full editorial citator or for reading all later-citing cases. A red flag means that there's likely negative treatment, since a court has used a negative citation, but no red flag does not necessarily mean that a case is still good law. If a case has been overturned but no court opinion has cited to it yet , Bad Law Bot will be unable to find any citation signal information.



Bad Law Bot is a part of Fastcase's Authority Check, which means it's free to you as a member of the Florida Bar.  For more information, visit www