Here are the steps to follow in order to remove metadata from your documents in Wordperfect versions X3 - X4:

  1. Complete these steps only after all editing is finished and the document is  in final form ready for submission. 
  2. Click “File, Save without metadata.” Be sure there is no check mark in the “Keep original document open” box. 
  3. In the “Select metadata to remove” area, check the following boxes: 
  • Comment information 
  • Hidden text 
  • Annotations 
  • Undo/redo history 
  • Document summary data 
  • Hyperlinks 
  • OLE object information 
  • Routing slip 
  • Do not remove header and footer information. 
  • Click “Save” and then close the document. 
  • After saving, “_mtd” is automatically added to the filename to identify that the file does not contain metadata.