Cloud backup services create a copy of the files stored on your computer so that they can be recovered in the event that the original becomes lost or corrupted. If your hard drive fails, or files become infected by a virus you can restore all of your backed up files. Additionally, typical features of a backup service include:

  • Files are encrypted before they leave your computer, transmitted securely to their destinations, and remain encrypted at the destinations to ensure the security of your information
  • Files are automatically backed up on a schedule and a real-time file watcher monitors your files for changes
  • The application runs as a background service that doesn’t interrupt or slow you down while you do other things
  • Data is analyzed and de-duplicated so that only changes are backed up, saving on bandwidth and storage
  • Versions are retained so that you can restore prior versions of backed up files

A few cloud backup providers:

Code42 -

Carbonite -

BackBlaze -

SpiderOak -

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