Where can I find Florida Associate Lawyer Salaries?




It’s best to narrow the search. For example:


· For what practice areas - Corporate, Residential, Commercial, Environmental, Civil Litigation, Family Law, etc.?

· What kind of client base? 

· What size law firms? (e.g., larger firms often, but not always pay more in compensation)


First, The Florida Bar's Economic and Law Office Management surveys can be found on the Florida Bar website:


The law firm economic survey is conducted every other year.  Call Mike Garcia at (850) 561-5649 to make specific inquiries about data not contained in the survey.   


Second, one could buy either the entire Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) chapter survey for the following three ALA chapters, or ask to buy the associate salary information, if that chapter surveys it. None of them surveys partner compensation to the best of my knowledge:


  • South Florida Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators,




Third, you could contact Altman Weil.  Ask for the price of survey excerpts.  Purchasing complete surveys from Altman Weil can be a bit pricey; however, they are very thorough, well-researched surveys.  For future planning purposes, if a law firm agrees to participate in its surveys, the participating law firm will receive a significant discount on the purchase price of the entire survey.